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SCALE: 19,596 Sq. M

DURATION: 20 months

DUSITD2 Kenz Hotel is a contemporary, high-tech 4 star Hotel, strategically located at a short distance from the city’s Central Business District such as Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai International Airport, Dubai Marina and Dubai Mall.

The hotel 237 rooms and suits has a total built up area of approximately 19,596 SQ. M, comprising of a basement, a ground floor and 17 floors of hospitality, leisure & business experience,with swimming pool … leisure facilities.


The Hotel had to be executed on a plot that is confined within 2 streets and adjacent/ back to back with one operational hotel from one side and occupied residential building from the other side. As such, big challenges was imposed on the construction team being but not limited to:

• Structural Safety of the adjacent buildings while executing the underground basement

• Life Safety of pedestrians using the adjacent streets which has heavy usage especially due to the location of the Metro station which is less than 80m from the project plot

• Storage and logistics for the project.

• Installation, operations and dismantling of carnage equipment and objects’ to eliminate the risk of falling objects on the adjacent buildings and streets.


VALUE: 73 Million

COMPLETED: March 2003

SCALE: 26,166 Sq. M

DURATION: 18 months

The Shangri-La Hotel is 4.5 Star Hotel that opened in March 2004 and is located in the Al Khabeesi area of the Deira district in Dubai. It is approximately one mile from Dubai International Airport.

The hotel consists of 3 basements, a ground floor with a double height atrium, a mezzanine, 6 typical floors housing 250 rooms, and leisure facilities such as a health club, sauna, and a swimming pool on the top floor.

The Structure of the building is made of concrete with post-tensioned slabs, while the façade is clad with composite aluminium and marble.


• The hotel is located underneath the flight path, hence ECC had to operate with careful planning and coordination in order to overcome the obstacles created by space & location.

• The flight path also resulted in the installation of a smaller tower crane which was not enough to cover the six floors and even mobile cranes were not allowed without prior approval of the DCA.

• It was very difficult to run all the electrical and mechanical and other IT and MEP services in 40cm void provided in the design.