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VALUE: NA Million


SCALE: 2,300 Sq. M

DURATION: 12 months

The Clock Tower is one of Dubai’s oldest and well known landmarks, built in 1963. The tower provides a significant landmark that still stands as a marker for visitors and residents around what has become one of the busiest areas in the emirate today. It stands at the gateway of Maktoum Bridge, which was the first permanent structure to straddle Dubai Creek, providing a vital link between Bur Dubai and Deira and was connection between northern and southen emirates.


In 1989, ECC was commissioned to reconstruct the iconic and historical landmark, however, it was on condition that no disruption to traffic should take place, nor should there be any threat to public safety.

Through careful engineering, skilled and dedicated teams of both engineers as well as workforce, the Clock Tower reconstruction was completed and ECC received an appreciation letter from Dubai Municipality. All four clock faces were replaced with Omega models, incorporating GPS devices for accuracy. This also removes the need to manually change the hands on the clock.


VALUE: 22 Million

COMPLETED: June 2000

SCALE: 2,500 Sq. M

DURATION: 12 months (each phase)

Hatta Village is a complete historical village portraying the UAE culture and traditions, dating back more than 200 years ago. It was a renovation project undertaken by Dubai Municipality in favor of the restoration of historic buildings in the village and their furnishings.

The ECC scope of work in this process included (for Phase 1) the reconstruction of 13 houses, 1 fort (or Hosn), 1 mosque and 2 watchtowers. The restoration specifications brief, strictly stated that the project had to be executed using exclusively old materials; which were to be constructed from sustainable, locally sourced raw materials, such as local rocks, Barasti, and locally produced bricks from silt in the wadi beds, and hay. This knowledge was obtained through numerous experiments, and consultation with some of the older locals in the Hatta Village area.

In Phase 2, the contract involved the fabrication, and installation of models, replicas and audiovisual effects, as well as the production of 12 short movie documentaries. This was in addition to retrofitting the interior display of the houses, forts & rooms with special, carefully selected items (such as costumes, dummies, household items and arms) that mimicked the ones used in the old days, giving the ambiance and feel of the historic life that once existed in Hatta.