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COMPLETED: November 2006

SCALE: 110,000 Sq. M

DURATION: 26 months

Zayed University is a higher educational/academic facility in Dubai, spreading over approx. 73 hectares. The campus has a total built up area of 110,000 SQ.M comprising of a quadrangle building around a central courtyard and 6 Academic Wings, each linked to the building via a large Atrium that is 5,450 SQ.M.

The Atrium has a clear height of 27 meters, serving as a grand social / meeting point for the university students. An elliptical shaped 50 meters high tower structure tapers while increasing gradually in height, providing an access point to the library, and acts as an anchor for the 250 meter long state-of -the -art tensile fabric forming the roof of the Atrium. The Quadrangle concrete framed structure around the courtyard, and the 6,120 meter long academic buildings, are 3-4 stories high, constructed via a traditional concrete frame with precast floor slabs and precast concrete panels, and an aluminum & glass curtain wall cladding system The gym was made of a steel structure in two floors and completely clad with precast concrete panels. The conference building consists of two floors with external elevations clad with a glazed curtain wall system and precast cladding.



COMPLETED: January 2002

SCALE: 71,000 Sq. M

DURATION: 32 months

Children City is a children’s educational entertainment facility located in the Creek Park. It’s the first educational city devoted to children aged between two and fifteen years old.

The 3 story building is comprised of several exhibits and programs on applied sciences, nature, space exploration, human body, local and international culture as well as a kid’s corner and a planetarium.

This colorful cluster of Lego-style steel structure buildings covers a site of 71,000 SQ. M, split into 3 areas: An entrance reception block, a science block, and a cultural block. The entire structure is clad with aluminum and G.I. corrugated sheets, while the entire 15 meter elevation of the entrance & reception block is clad with structural glazing.

ECC received an appreciation letter as well as an award for the successful completion of the project, within budget and on time.